yes, my mom works!

When we were all kids, on our first interaction with any stranger often we have been asked this question “what does your dad do?” or “where does your dad work?” and after you answer the one that always follows is “does your mom work, or is she a housewife?”    I have been asked this […]

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If you have been using whatsapp or face book for a while, you have seen a message doing the rounds with instructions on how to spot a two way mirror in washrooms and trial rooms for ladies. The message was generated as there might be hidden cameras or recording devices in public restrooms. These videos […]



“Hang till death” is one of the most popular phrases used in  Indian court room dramas today. Hanging is the favorite mode of execution in India. This gets us to the most argued matters of the past decade which has made it to every newspaper, TV channel and even to high school debate competitions, “whether […]

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One morning I was just randomly scrolling through the Sunday special newspaper, I reached the matrimonial page and I don’t know for what reason but decided to stay. I started with the ‘groom wanted’ section. The first proposal read as “girl 26/5’3″, MBA cultured ,very fair fair-looking for good looking and equally fair boy.” […]

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Be a MAN and CRY!

I had a cat for the past three years. She was our fur loaded bundle of joy who turned my family of three into a family of four even before I could realize. One day at 7 in the morning when me and my dad were still in bed, my mom ran into the room […]

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The locker room talk!

Hey! If you are a human somewhere in between the age of 0-200 you surely have done this once in your lifetime, cried alone in the locker room or washroom? Felt like you have no one to talk to? Or to be more accurate no one will understand? Yeah right! Have you ever felt so […]

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