6 ways you can “ASK FOR IT”!

A sixteen year old went out for a party with her friends one night …the next day a news channel reported her as a rape victim. A few days later they flashed a statement by the person accused of raping her which said,”….. she was asking for it.”

Women have always had it the hard way. No matter what they ask for ,it is always followed by a prolonged waiting period.Try and as for ‘equal pay for equal work’; demand for equal respect,representation,freedom…..all of it is going to take a while.But remember when you asked to be raped ? WISH GRANTED!instantly.

Probably that girl didn’t even know she was asking for it! She did it without even realizing she was doing it ,what a genius!!! Unfortunately not all of us have the same amount of flair as her.So dear ladies,here are a few ways that will help you when you are asking for rape.


  1. Dress up :Very few of us are aware that the clothes you wear are actually to tell your rapist whether you want it or not .Always remember ,the outfit is going to suffer the abuse and not you! While mini skirts and shorts can do the magic , it is not crucial for your attire to be revealing or flaunting ,you can wear anything you like and men can still catch the signal .So,very less effort required  at this one ! Also,don’t pay attention to what your rapist is wearing,nobody is ever going to ask you that.
  2. Alcohol: Doesn’t matter if you are a regular drinker or not.You can just drink-up enough to make your rapist eligible for the ‘license to rape’. By ‘enough’ I do not mean passing-out completely; you can be semi-conscious or even completely in your senses.What if you don’t look that drunk and can reach home safe?Don’t worry ,trust your rapist ,hell figure it out.
  3. Travel alone:You don’t want the link between you and your rapist to be blown off by someone’s presence right?this is why you travel alone,isn’t it? You sitting or walking all alone is totally going to tell him that you want to be raped. You don’t even have to lift a finger for him to get the message.You can be a strong  independent women who can pay off her own bills and commute alone ,doesn’t matter, your rapist will identify you as vulnerable and needy and give it to you while you ask for it .
  4. Late nights: This is the best way cause you got the darkness of the night to help you.When you go out during the late hours of the night,it automatically indicates that he can  sexually violate your body now!You can be returning home from work or a get-together or even a family dinner ,it just requires to be some time late at night and it will work,definitely.
  5. Have Guy friends : Most of you don’t know but hanging out with guy friends is similar to going on top of the Eiffel tower and screaming “if i can go around with these boys whom i know ,I will totally be okay to go around with anybody (not necessarily known)” .Your rapist is your audience,he sees you hangout with your guys and he will totally know you wanna show him that you are open to go out with anybody which includes him .
  6. Say NO : Reject your rapist when he approaches you. They know how shy we women  are and when we say NO it actually means a yes! Also when you say no or reject your rapist he will take that as an insult and be urged to teach you a lesson,which he completely has the authority to do and what better way than rape!

I hope this helps and next time no “poor man” gets accused of a sexual offence and suffers since women ask for it ,because apparently  being raped brings shame to you and your family but being a rapist doesn’t ! You need to understand that  all  these “innocent rapists” weren’t bestowed by God with the power of self control and tolerance,like the other blessed men.They are just providing something you asked for,so why would you blame them and ruin their lives?

After all, ‘consent’ is just a speculation and women are the reason for rape, right ?


NOTE:This post is entirely sarcastic and is written in order to  strongly condemn victim blaming. 







2 thoughts on “6 ways you can “ASK FOR IT”!

  1. Sheetal Dalvi Jul 13, 2018 — 6:44 pm

    Sarcasm at its best!
    This is absolutely sensitive topic and I’m glad young girls like you are talking about it. Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarcastic post!! nailed it

    Liked by 1 person

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