An open letter to intolerance….


Dear Intolerance,

I know you are all  grown up now and living as an integrated part of this modern Indian society ,but i decided to go old school and write you this letter. Remember when we first met in my history textbook, in the freedom struggle chapter? You were just a tiny bud waiting to bloom.Look at you now !You have made your name all across the country.

I’m not here to mark your fame or all your contributions across the years .It is high time you realize that you don’t have to appear at all places at all times.I know you are really naive and you are extremely overwhelmed with all the attention your pals media and politics give you and put you on the podium all the time,but its not healthy .Its not healthy for our mom India and for all her other kids .

I am sure you go around searching newspapers for all the news that covers you and that brings a smile on your face and boosts your ego  but have you ever really scanned through all those articles and found pieces of rape,murder,bullying….where you were much needed? All of this happens because you don’t have time from showing up at all the wrong places possible! how does the nationality of artists performing in our country concern you ?Couldn’t you just stay away from film makers  and hive them some liberty ?The day you showed up to people’s dining table laid with delicacies made of beef and snatched their plates away  ,that was when I realized that how amazingly we have pulled off this “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” gimmick .We are ultimately just bound by a physical border but spiritually we are all like you !

Can you just look in the mirror one time and see what a monster you have become!Growing day by day .You are the destroyer of so many thoughts even before they matured enough to spread around the nation.You need to realize how much you are hurting mom and all of us and come back to where you belong , to your real friends -hate,dishonesty and disrespect ……they really need you.


Yours beloved,

An Indian child 


3 thoughts on “An open letter to intolerance….

  1. Beautiful post. Intolerance is causing too much harm. I am inspired by this post to talk to my people about intolerance which is causing devastation. Watch out for my future poem on this topic.

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    1. i would totally love to read it ! thank you so much ..this comment made my day !


    2. Thank you. Soon to publish it.


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