Why you don’t want to be (called) a feminist

1_ZzS6WeZGdceE_8Rdr-XCqg#WhyIamNotAFeminist is one of the most trending social media hashtags which went across the globe in 2013-2015. Many women tweeted ,instagrammed and facebooked about why they are not feminists or why the don’t need feminism .They however  failed to understand that if they can come out and speak even about not being a feminist it is because some feminist  struggled  all these years to get them that right !The truth is  that this entire movement has its roots in the misconceptions hovering around  ‘feminism’. Very few people understand that feminism is not opposing men or targeting a particular gender and siding with one …its about equality. 

feminism is another word for equality ,and no one should have a problem with equality. -Malala

Why would anybody who believes in equal rights for everyone  not want to be called a feminist ? Here’s why you dont want to be (called) a feminist :

  1. YOU DON’T HATE MEN : The most common notion when someone states that they are a feminist is that they want nothing to do with men.They want the entire male breed to just vanish from the planet .”All feminists are man haters” .TOTALLY WRONG! feminists dont hate men ,nor do they think that women are above men they are just against oppression of women which has been carried on by men for years .They oppose the ideology of men that they are entitled to have a better life and a superior standard that women and they posses the authority of making the final word when it comes to taking any decision regarding a female’s life.
  2. YOU WANT TO START A FAMILY: People think feminists are reckless and dont want the responsibility and the bondage of a family, they dont want to have kids.Again,this comes from the thought that they hate men .Feminism is not about denying responsibility it is being responsible for what you choose.The entire term responsibility we have been referring to has only defined jobs which a man thinks a women should do .feminism stands for freedom and freedom comes in responsibility of your choice.
  3. YOU ARE A GIRLY GIRL : you like dressing up ,putting on make up and you own 381247375675 pairs of stilettos so….you definitely cant be a feminist ,right? The moment I tell you to think of a feminist the image that pops up in your head is of a relatively chubby female ,with a punk haircut filled with four neon shades , piercing all over her face and an outrageous shade of lipstick.You just have to be yourself to be a feminist, you have to keep your likes and dislikes and stand for them,that is what being a feminist means.
  4. YOU ARE NOT A FEMALE: Many people think that only women can speak about feminism and if you are of any other gender you cannot advocate this thought.It is like saying that “I stand for equality of sexes ,but my opinion would not  matter because I am male” This is a self destructive statement ,and one of the best kinds.Just because you are not oppressed does not mean you dont stand up for people who were oppressed. Infact,you are in a better place to lift them up .
  5. YOU CANNOT BE ANGRY ALL THE TIME :Feminists are perceived as an angry breed ,they go around streets marching and yelling out slogans and they are angry about men breathing around them.shouting and being angry is a part of the way feminist thoughts reach the public but it is not  part of being a feminist.You dont have to go around slapping people  who pass sexist comments or throw  a glass of wine up their face to be a feminist .There are many ways you can support feminism by not being angry ,one of which is write about it just like i am right now 😉
  6. YOU WANT TO BE A HOMEMAKER: Feminism has nothing to do with what job you do .Most importantly being a homemaker is also a full time job even if you dont get paid for it and it is never acknowledged it is still a  full time job!Feminism is about giving you the freedom to make your choice to not have a 9-5 job but to stay at home and look after your family.Whether to stay at home and whether to have 1 kid or 11 is supposed to be your choice and not dictated by anyone.

Feminism  doesn’t mean putting women above men and having women lead everything just because they are women.They should be considered as a candidate on basis of their caliber and intelligence.EQUALITY DOES NOT MEAN MEN AND WOMEN ARE SAME!it means they should have equal access and equal rights .

feminism is not about making women stronger.women are already strong ,feminism is about changing the way the world perceives this strength


2 thoughts on “Why you don’t want to be (called) a feminist

  1. Wow!! This should be circulated and sent across the globe…

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    1. Thank you ! You may go ahead 😊😉


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