The locker room talk!

Hey! If you are a human somewhere in between the age of 0-200 you surely have done this once in your lifetime, cried alone in the locker room or washroom? Felt like you have no one to talk to? Or to be more accurate no one will understand? Yeah right!


Have you ever felt so low that you just want to sit in your bed and cry all day and do nothing else? Chances are you haven’t even tried talking to someone about it or maybe you did and that person said the most clichéd thing ever “time heals all wounds”. NO IT DOESN’T!! You sit in your bed crying your eyes out thinking there is  no problem and time is supposed to magically solve the problem you don’t even know exists?

Maybe you are suffering from mental health issues you just want to be oblivious to.Have you ever given it a thought that telling your best friend about your parents getting divorced and telling a psychiatrist are two different things all together.Talking to somebody is not going to solve the problem it will give you relief for that particular moment.After a while you won’t even tell your best friend about this but deep down you are still disturbed and you feel like there’s a pit in your stomach…..and a void in your life.

You have had a really terrible break up or you are in the middle of a career path you thought was totally your calling but turns the other way round and now you feel there is nothing left to live for and you want to die.But why haven’t you yet?Because you are scared of dying as much as you are scared of staying alive and this fear is not letting you eat, sleep live or even die in peace.

Have you ever thought about going to a psychiatrist? Of course not! That’s what crazy people do! What would your neighbor say if she found out that you have been visiting a mind doctor? Apparently she is going to tell her kids to stay away from you because you have gone mad or she would just tell you that you are being fussy and over reacting to. So you start living in your little ice-cube where no one is ever going to find out that you are depressed or you have anxiety issues or that you are suffering from paranoia.Then you do the worst thing you can do with yourself ‘try’ to be happy!

Being mentally ill is not a choice. I won’t say it is like getting a cold or fever because it is a totally different thing.But yeah,it’s an illness ultimately and it’s not something you should be ashamed of or something you should hide.The more secure you keep that problem more bulky it becomes.

A few years ago, actresses like Deepika Padukone and Cara Delavigne came out in the light about being depressed.Now,when you read that you went like what!?! Like why are they depressed like they have everything going their way right? You don’t have to be in the middle of a financial crisis or homeless or dumped to be suffering ….you can be Beyonce’s neighbor, living in a penthouse in LA, minting 6 digits every month and still be mentally ill.Apparently the first obvious thought that stems in your already stressed mind is “what will people say?”So, let me tell you FUN FACT: recorded IQ of the species ‘people’ is 0 and your IQ is around 90-100(average).People don’t spend sleepless nights, people didn’t have panic attacks while picking up groceries, people don’t want to die!

The main issue with mental health is not the severity of the illness but the stigma attached to it and moreover the fact that its existence is totally unacknowledged in society. This is a reason why there is a shortage of psychiatrists all over the world.I know it is really difficult to break through the ice-cube and talk about something as personal as this but just remember one thing,

You are the bravest person right now, because nothing takes more courage than battling your own mind every single day!

This is a hush-hushly spoken topic but this conversation needs to be made and most importantly not inside the locker room.

2 thoughts on “The locker room talk!

  1. Hard hitting Truth…hope more and more people understand the importance of mental health and seek doctor’s help.

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  2. Great post. We’ve recently seen famous people who appeared to have it all yet took their own lives.
    We are far from understanding the machinations of the human mind

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