Dying HAPPY.

Goodbyes hurt the most when the story remains unfinished.

Dear anybody who loves somebody,

Life of a person is the best story he has to tell anyone. Unfortunately the end of this story is not in our hands or to be honest we are not allowed to choose how it ends. What if we were given a chance to choose the end? What if we were given a chance to decide how and most importantly when to die?

That is exactly what I want to do! I want to choose what to wear on my last day, I want to decide where I want to close my eyes forever and when.If we can have the power to decide how to live our life we should also have the power to decide how we want to end it. Dying happy is as important as living happy.

I am writing this letter to you because you have at least one person whom you love and even the thought of losing that person and not being able to experience their existence sends shivers down your spine…but just because you don’t want them to die, will you be ready to watch them suffer or live a trapped mundane life that is going nowhere?

Often we do not think about ourselves where death is concerned and we prolong our stay for our dear ones. We think that our existence alone gives them peace and pleasure. In fact, by doing so we are just making them watch a short film in which we deteriorate from our cheerful, animated selves. Also, looking at someone in their last days is painful but it is also the most recent memory of that person in your head.

I don’t want my children planning trips to visit me when I’m in the ICU sedated and medicated with morphine, not being able to move my lips or even unable to recognize them. I don’t want the doctors asking them when to plug off the life support. The funniest thing about systems like the life support is that they have been given a miracle-generator status which in return makes you indecisive, emotional and helpless in situations like these. Not for a second will you think about the person in front of you who is in immense pain, loaded with tubes and surrounded by beeping machines.

What is the use of living a fulfilled life if your dear one’s cannot even hug you tight on your last day. Only if I could have the choice to decide my own path and book my appointment for death all this could have been avoided.

I am not saying that one should be paranoid and opt for an early death, (that isn’t really an option because though courts have allowed it the process is really tedious and bone-cracking) all I am saying is don’t hold someone’s hand when they wanted to go but have stayed only for you.

I realize that making this process a little easier will put the society on a slippery slope but it is also going to make it more accepting and look at death as a virtue and not a vice. Nobody wants to close their eyes in a vegetative state, being wiped and fed. I do not see a reason why people are against this concept of not making efforts to push death forward or even euthanasia (assisted suicide). It is someone’s personal choice declared in complete senses and healthy state of mind.

If someone does not want to live every day as the same and live his last day to the fullest knowing it is his last and wants every person who holds him dear to see him in a contended state I would not consider that too much to ask for.

Entry was not in our hands that does not mean the exit cannot be.

Yours lovingly,

Someone who wants to die with a smile.

I am often asked about this and I give it a thought whether I will ever be able to let go of my parents and although with a really heavy heart my answer would always be yes. I want them to look at every day that comes in their life with as much optimism and self love as they have been looking at the days they have already spent. I just want them to remain the same and not pull it all the way till it gets miserable just for me. Like every kid I want them to live as long as I do but I will let them go when, how and where THEY want to and not how I want them to.

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  1. Wow!! It was something out of the globe.

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