Welcome everyone…

In 2019, the Ex-CEO of Starbucks wishes to contest the US presidential election. I have always wondered how America manages to surprise us with new entries having no political background.

In India it does not only take constitutional eligibility to come in the power-stream but it also takes political eligibility. There is already a long queue of people waiting for their turn, because the country is not on anyone’s agenda but power sure is.

We are the world’s largest democracy but still you cannot be the Prime Minister if you do not earn the goodwill of your fellow partisans. Peoples’ support is sadly just nominal and secondary. In America the electoral college steps in not politically but, constitutionally only after the candidate passes the primary elections and is already in the public domain without having anybody’s label.

I know that the election process and the nature of democracy practiced is different in America and India but what I wish to evaluate is the people’s approach, their power, the political scenario and not the election technicalities. Also, I do not wish to say that the American system is the best or even better than us it has it’s own loopholes and is complex enough to provide breeding ground for confusion but if we can inculcate the brighter side of it to solve the major problem we ave in our political base, why not!

Our forefathers had created a very sound constitutional set-up for elections and it would have not been compromised if some people would have not started this “share and care” political strategy by putting ethics and patriotism on a back seat.

This not only shows the public a very selective set of faces who have managed to comfort their seniors and juniors in the party house, but it also results in a chain illegal favors among them. After spending so much oil massaging everyone’s ego someone would obviously want to fill their emptied pockets as well.

Of coarse, this is the reason that politics is a “dirty game” worldwide but it is “not a good mans pitch” only in India.

There are barely a few people who have managed to cross the power bridge without holding hands.

All I want to say is, the next time some senior leaders put up a fresh face on their election banners, think about the candidate and don’t blindly vote for them just because your favorite politician has canvassed him.

I am sure everyone has at least once heard that in a democracy “the government of the people, by the people and for the people” but a good democracy is a government of “people” who realize that they are the power-lenders and acknowledge themselves as makers of a healthy democratic nation.

Also, to all those people who think they are too small to make a difference, please try sharing your bed with a mosquito tonight!

4 thoughts on “Welcome everyone…

  1. Brilliant analysis.
    That conclusion quite was especially spot on.


  2. surajmandhare Feb 5, 2019 — 9:12 am

    Very correct analysis.. Indian politics is altogether different Ball game and unless the sensible citizen understands the value of his vote, things will go on like this..

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  3. There are significant number of people who actually vote because they believe they matter.. but after the result, they realise it was all but a waste.. Indian electoral system need a lot of reforms for a change.. it’s better if it begins right away.. but it’s easier said than done..

    Here bhakts can’t take a word against their prime minister..

    In simple words, all the parties as you mentioned are running for power, and if this doesn’t change nothing will..

    There are people like Mr. Kejriwal who promise to bring a change, people believe him and bring him into power with 95% majority in assembly, and what they get?

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