*An eye-ball grabbing title*

We live in the era of media and social networking. I am 19 years old and I totally belong to the “millennial”, “fast-forward” generation. We do not scan newspapers daily for news or even if we do, we go by words put together in the big bold fonts.

Now everything has become about grabbing attention, doesn’t matter what is authentic and what is not. We are surrounded by a media not of words but of numbers. Which post collects more shares which went more viral is what matters and not what is conveyed.

Nowadays the only people who actually “follow” news are not reporters or journalists but either 60+ retired citizens or UPSC aspirants!

Any citizen who reads the news, reads for the purpose of being informed but instead he is disillusioned with something that sells and not what happened.

When I was in school, someone told me that news is called NEWS because it stands for EVERYTHING that comes from North, East, West and South. Well, I dont think so… now it is just something that is going to be unbelievable and successful in manipulating and molding public opinion.

Recently, a news about a boy who filed a case on his parents for giving birth to him without his permission has surfaced. Nobody has bothered to read the entire news but 40% have shared it blindly, because it is strange and we only love strange, absurd stuff. It is a short crisp piece but there is a huge backstory to it which says that he in fact raised question about the mandatory obligation imposed on a couple to have a child from a marriage regardless of their will. But, we totally missed the point because of the shoddily reported face of it.

Sadly it’s not the only example of misrepresentation, there are many like JNU students demanding ‘azadi‘ from discriminatio, caste system, corruption and not from the nation, or Rahul Gandhi quoting someone when he talked about the “potato to gold“machine and many of which even I am unaware of.

Media turns viral confusion to viral sensation.

All non fiction stories are based on selection however, now it has become profitable selection. Everything that is going to get the news website more hits is presented. Our non availability of time is feeding alot of stomachs and fueling want for more.

News stories are about the “shock factor” than actual information what they leave out which results in bias. Media is supposed to show is a complete picture and we are supposed to chose our lens and decide how we look at it. here it is landing us already thought of cut out pieces which has obvious reactions.

Press does a lousy job by missing out stories, but you got to give them that, they cannot cover every incident at least they can show us what they cover. Forget blaming the press, we can be somewhat vigilant or most importantly curious and not make an opinion based on the four lines you read or the 2 min clip you saw. You don’t review a book if you started at page 100 because here you know that there is a part of it you missed out. In news however, you don’t but what is worse is we believe everything that has been shared by different people. You got it on 4 whatsapp groups, 2 other people shared it on facebook and it suddenly becomes gospel truth. You won’t agree but we have become slaves and we demand spoon feeding.

Now, you may ask why am I here to rant about this, why is everyone supposed to know backstage stories. It is because we find it necessary to have an opinion  about everything we know, nobody is going to admit that we can survive in a grey area.

Also, why not? I mean why not you are so interested in bloopers at the end of a film to stand and watch them, why not?

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